Millions PG (2004)

Dir: Danny Boyle; Starring: Alex Etel, Lewis McGibbon, James Nesbitt, Daisy Donovan, Christopher Fulford, Pearce Quigley

The brothers before Millions get in the way

Every now and then I watch a film that makes me feel like I’m ten years old, curled up on the sofa at my mum’s house screeching at my brother to stop being an idiot whilst simultaneously laughing like a drain at his antics. Millions is one of those films. It’s sweet, funny and charming (granted, not the combination that usually works for weary old me), and made me feel all warm inside.

Damian (Etel) is a lovely little kid with an in depth knowledge of saints and a vivid imagination. Anthony (McGibbon) is his older, cynical brother with an in depth knowledge of finance and an unhealthy interest in money. They’re both dealing with the death of their mother whilst their likeable dad (Nesbitt, well he’s always likeable, that’s his thing), does his best to bring them up solo. When Damian finds a quarter of a million pounds from a heist, which he believes has been sent from God, a few days before England converts to the Euro, he goes about trying to give the money to poor people before it becomes worthless whilst his brother is more interested in a housing market investment. Add to that a hilarious turn from their local Community Support Officer (Quigley), Daisy Donovan as Nesbitt’s love interest and the original criminal mastermind on the lads’ tails trying to get the money back, and you have a great little film with an engaging plot and just the right amount of sentimentality.


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